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Plan a funny first wedding dance
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Plan a funny first wedding dance

When we heard about the groom recently jailed in Liverpool for a hoax bomb threat to his wedding venue (on the day of his wedding!) because he hadn't booked it, we wondered how many other things grooms would leave until the last minute should the wedding planning fall directly to them. Cake could be a last minute affair if you had time to nip to the supermarket, but anything else is pretty much a no go. 

One thing which sometimes gets forgotten completely is the first wedding dance, and other times it is only on the groom's insistence that it actually happens at all. Many people get scared by the thought of the first dance and so do nothing about it. They then find themselves stood in front of all their friends and families expecting a show. This is not a happy place to be. Much better to plan ahead and get a routine together with the help of an expert. If you go in with a comedy first wedding dance then it doesn't matter if you think you're terrible because it will be funny. A funny first dance sets the tone for a top evening. It creates a light hearted atmosphere and shows that you're up for a good time, so everyone else should have one too!

Here's the story which inspired this blog, just don't make a hoax call just to avoid the first dance!:

For inspiration why not check out Bounce Studios' Director's Jo's funny first dance - remember the costumes aren't obligatory! If you fancy doing (maybe a costumeless) routine, check out our first wedding dance pages.

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