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Halloween Themed Dance Parties
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Halloween Themed Dance Parties

It is well known that America do Halloween like no other country. But why shouldn’t the UK take note and celebrate all things ghostly and gangly and green in a big way also? Halloween is a great excuse to run a themed children’s dance party with street dancing skeletons and popping pumpkins all learning a routine to some funky beats. Party food could also be themed with dunking apples and roast pumpkins taking centre stage. Decor could be cobwebbed ceilings and shredded black tissue Turn paper, creating a den like feel to any party venue. By having the dance element your children will be highly entertained as they learn a routine in a modern style, as locking and popping lends itself to skeleton dressed figures. You will have a street dancing extraordinaire on your hands before you know it. Parents can be invited along at the end of the session to witness their children perform, and will all that added themed decor, they may just think they’ve come across a professional dance show!

If you’re looking for a unique children’s party idea then a dance themed birthday party is an original and contemporary solution. But why wait until a birthday to throw a party? Children and adults alike will love the excuse of Halloween to throw a party. This time of year, when temperatures are dropping, nights are drawing in and Christmas still seems far off, celebrating Halloween in a big way lifts spirits and gives children something to get excited about. You could even do an evening party with both adults and children joining in the dance party, perhaps by learning a Thriller routine. Children love seeing their parents join in the party and with inspiring and energetic instructors leading the fun, adults will have as good a time as the children as they strut their funky stuff.

Ghouls, ghosts and gangly green things are a great starting point for an original children’s party idea. It’s time the UK started embracing Halloween as our friends across the pond do, with parties thrown and celebrations had. Dancing ghouls and street dancing skeletons make for an interesting and alternative Halloween. Children and adults alike will be excited at a time of year when there is not much else going on. So why not take on Halloween in a big way this year, get your dancing shoes on and celebrate with a children’s dance party. Get in touch today to book yours!

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