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Wedding Dance Battle

Are you keen to perform a first wedding dance but the idea of all eyes on you is too much to take? Well why not take the pressure off and embrace the latest wedding reception trend taking the UK by storm? Perform a wedding dance battle and go down in history along with your nearest and dearest! This super fun idea will have your crowd in hysterics, and the pressure wont be on just you and your partner to wow. The comedy element creates a great party atmosphere and kicks the reception off in style. Here is a video of a recent wedding dance battle choreographed by Bounce Studios: If you'd like something similar simply get in touch and our friendly dance specialists will be happy to help.

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Surprise Groom Dance

Are you looking to surprise your new bride on your wedding day? Book a dance lesson for you and your ushers and perform a surprise dance for your wife at your wedding reception!  This is the latest craze in weddings, with men all over the UK getting jiggy on the dance floor. Its the modern serenade and you can choose the track you'd like to perform. Our friendly instructor will work with you and your 'crew', creating a bespoke routine for you to perform on the big day.  If you harbour dreams of being in Diversity or are just a bit of a dab hand on the dance floor, this is the personal wedding touch you've been waiting for. Get in touch today and our professional choreographer will help your dancer dreams come true!

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Wedding Flash Mob

Coming up with an original idea to make your wedding unique is proving more and more difficult as couples get wackier and crazier every year. But one trend which we think needs to get bigger is the wedding flash mob. Getting all your guests dancing in one mega extravaganza is guaranteed to make your wedding unique, and certainly memorable!  The above video has been a huge you tube hit, and we could help you do the same. With a simple but effective routine, our friendly choreograoher can work with you and your guests to create a routine to stun.  So if you're looking for the next trend to incorporate into your wedding, the wedding flash mob is a funny and fabulous way to do it. Have a look at our wedding flash mob pages, and contact our friendly team to discuss your occasion.   

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Performing Couples

Beyonce and Jay Z stormed the stage with a, quite frankly, smokin performance at the recent Grammy awards. She gyrated and he grinded in a mega hot twist of toned torso action. Now here at Bounce HQ we're in full support of the couple who can perform together. It takes balls and personality to show the world your inner performer, let alone the inner performing couple! If you have even an iota of performer envy when watching Bey and Jay, why not emulate their stunning show in your own first wedding dance performance?  This is your chance to get your most supportive audience together, water them, and then make them watch you dance! Or why not add in a bit of a song to your first wedding dance performance as well, a la Bounce Director Jo on her wedding day? Not many people get the chance to realise their inner rock star dreams, but your wedding day provides this opportunity.  Here at Bounce Studios, we can help with your performance. We can provide a friendly and supportive ch...

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Plan a funny first wedding dance

When we heard about the groom recently jailed in Liverpool for a hoax bomb threat to his wedding venue (on the day of his wedding!) because he hadn't booked it, we wondered how many other things grooms would leave until the last minute should the wedding planning fall directly to them. Cake could be a last minute affair if you had time to nip to the supermarket, but anything else is pretty much a no go.  One thing which sometimes gets forgotten completely is the first wedding dance, and other times it is only on the groom's insistence that it actually happens at all. Many people get scared by the thought of the first dance and so do nothing about it. They then find themselves stood in front of all their friends and families expecting a show. This is not a happy place to be. Much better to plan ahead and get a routine together with the help of an expert. If you go in with a comedy first wedding dance then it doesn't matter if you think you're terrible because it will be funny. A f...

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Strictly Come Dancing Inspiration

Strictly Come Dancing has launched back onto our screens, teamed with glamour, sparkles, lace, crystals you name it they’ve got it! The first episode airing on Saturday 7th September will pair the stars up with their professional dance instructor partners this is to then be followed by the live shows… The line-up for the 11th series is bursting with big names from the likes of Dragon`s Den Deborah Meaden, as well as Hollyoaks Actor Ashley Taylor Dawson and International rugby star Ben Cohen. The other excited stars joining the strictly line-up are Casualty actor Patrick Robinson, Waterloo Actor Mark Benton, Radio Host Vanessa Feltz, Channel 4`s Rachel Riley and Natalie Gumede from Coronation Street. I imagine there will be some serious dance lessons going on over the next few weeks, maybe even a first dance lesson for some of the stars who have never let loose on a dance floor… let`s hope they haven’t got two left feet! Riley admitted to BBC news the only da...

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